Andr Moș (moh-sh) is the pseudonym of Andrew Conrad Altmann. “Andr” is short for his first name and reminiscent of “Ender” (also short for Andrew), the character created by Orson Scott Card and influential in Andr’s love for science fiction. “Moș” is a Romanian last name that means ‘Old Man’, the equivalent of the German last name “Altmann”. He is originally from the green mountains of New England, but now resides with his wife and two daughters in the highlands of Transilvania. 

His first novella ‘Envoy’ is a science fiction tale of what the Solar System might look like in the far future. His first full-length novel ‘Exolegacy’ is based on relationships between siblings and the two speculative civilizations of Earth and Mars. Both are available from all major online booksellers and in print from Amazon.